Our Mission

Celebrate your city while giving back. MYCITY Apparel is all about the community. We wanted to create a clothing company that actually gave back to its community. We give 100% of the net proceeds back into the community through charitable events, donations, and collaborations. MYCITY only takes 10% of the net sales, so you know when you purchase one of our products you are making a difference in your community.

Our slogan is “Give Where You Live” and we really want to make an impact as we grow.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Support

We have partnered with Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, VGH Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and St. Paul’s Foundation to help support the additional costs associated with COVID-19. 100% of the net proceeds from our Support Frontliners t-shirts will go directly to each hospitals foundation.

Cost Breakdown

About Mycity Apparel

Example Shirt Sale

$35 + $6 Shipping


$14 production cost

$3.5 to MYCITY Apparel (10% of sales)

$4-6 Additional Shipping Cost

Misc Expenses (Ie. advertising dollars)


Net Proceeds goes to community

About Mycity Apparel
About Mycity Apparel
About Mycity Apparel
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